Thursday, 12 December 2013

Its defiantly December..

After a warm summer they reckon its going to be quite a chilly winter. Well its certainly shaping up that way with all these storms! Desperate to tick some lines we thought, fu*k it! Lets go to Pembroke, its always sunny there! Sea cliff climbing may well be the warmest crags to be at this time of year however they tend not to be the most sheltered it would seem..

Me leading the first pitch of Diedre Sud (HS 4a)
After a long drive and with a soon to be setting sun me and Emma Smith nipped over to Mowing Word and did the Pembroke classic, Diedre Sud (HS 4a). Since everything else around this area is HVS and up its amazing a line like this can be found in such daunting territory! After abbing down into the boiling and frothing unknown we set up a belay about 10m above the water and the sea was so rough we still go a bit wet! The route is just pure pleasure with loads of sharp holds and jamming (apart from the bird shit covered ledge where Heart of Darkness joins!). Unfortunately this is all we could do as it got dark at 4.30 and neither of us had a head torch, think I'll save that kind of epic for a warm day thanks! 

Emma just before moving round the
roof seconding the 2nd pitch of Diedre Sud.

The weather turned slightly more unsettled after a bad start after driving to St. Govans only to find the red flags up (DOH!) and not wanting to be shot by tanks we went to St. Davids. A combination of big seas and high tides meant there was not a lot we could do but we cracked on anyway. After living the choss dream on the impressive Rosary (HS 4b) near Initiation Slab we then used the last of the fading light (again!) and climbed Vegetable Rights (VS 4c, which Emma seconded in the dark!) at Porth-Clais. *It looks like all the debris that was blasted down onto Dreamboat Annie (HVS) is now clear, so if you havn't done that route, get on it! Its amazing! 
Seconding Rosary (HS 4b) just after the steep section. 

Squeezing one more in at Porth-Clais (Vegetable Rights - VS 4c).

An epic adventure. Seems its not always sunny in Pembroke! Special thanks go to the Celtic Camping for the bunk house and massive stock of wood! Cheers guys!  

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