Sunday, 11 May 2014

The New Cornwall..

An odd tittle for a post about a day in Torridon you might think? From my old house in Devon, Cornwall was a mere hour and a halfs drive away. Well now, if I drive an hour and a half then I'm in the Northwest Highlands! A bit different I guess!

We set out with a plan of the classic mountaineering scramble of Beinn Alligin. Plenty of rain, plenty of mist and plenty of midges (and even a bit of sunshine)!
Sarah rounding 'The Horns' of Beienn Alligin with the weather providing an intensified atmosphere!

Looking North towards the Sheildaig Forest

Nearing the top of The Horns with the summit pyramid of the summit removing its misty covers
visible to the West (left)

Looking back down the ridge towards the ridge of Liathach

The amazing glacially sculpted mountain landscape of Torridon

In fact so good its worth seeing twice!!!!

Quick nerd moment.. A wonderful example of a post-glacial rockfall. The upper section of
Beinn Alligin seems to have just fallen off!

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