Sunday, 18 January 2015

Templar Way

Just to prove it’s not all about climbing I thought I’d write a little bit about this year’s forthcoming LWDA 100 mile ultramarathon. Last year was a total washout with rainfall in excess of a medium sized monsoon and mud deeper than the Mariana Trench meant almost a third of participants (including myself I hasten to add) didn't complete! Riding on the back of the previous year’s success in 2013 I didn’t do much in the way of fitness training or gear preparation and boy, haven’t I learned my lesson.. So this year it’s all about being ready and being fit!

I can imagine many of you are wondering what a 100 mile marathon is.. Well, for the purpose of clarity; it’s a grueling continuous walking/running race on a predefined 100 mile course somewhere in the UK. There are intermittent support stations proving food, tea and coffee (and occasionally something stronger!) but other than that you’re on your own! If you have to ask why you would do it, then you’ll never understand if I do answer so best just to keep thinking we’re all mad! 

The final miles along the southern bank of the River Teign. Apparently it's a bit trickier at high tide!

As with most of these long distance events, the biggest wall is usually the one in your head, and it’s also ironically the hardest one to train to beat. Luckily this year I am going to be out backpacking on Dartmoor every other weekend from now until the event helping to facilitate the training of Teighbridge Scouts 10 Tors programme. As far as physical toughness is concerned I’m hoping traipsing across the moor chasing a bunch of stroppy teenagers should provide at least a good base!

Other than that I am hoping to get out running as much as I can. 

Running along side the long abandoned Stover Canal. No chance of a swim today!

This started last weekend with me and me old man running the Templar Way. The 18 mile route follows the track of an old granite railway which quarried stone form Hay Tor and finishes in the quay of Shaldon. Its a great route following the old tramway with the best bit saved till last. If you're interested in giving it a go DCC have made a great route info sheet here

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